Monday, June 24, 2013

Sonny and Cohl ~ maternity

Sonny and Cohl are one of the most adorable couples I've had the pleasure to work with! Their baby girl is a lucky little princess who is coming into the world as beautiful as her parents! I cannot wait to see who's eyes she'll have, they are equally gorgeous! Sonny is 9 months TODAY and enjoying every minute of it! Enjoy and best of luck for Nimueh's arrival! I can't wait to meet her and am hopeful I'll be able to capture some of the action and emotion in the hospital! Keep me on speed dial ;)   Enjoy! 

This one makes me smile! Cohl you bring out the best of smiles in Sonny! You'll be a wonderful Dad as Sonny a wonderful Mom! 

Collett Family

What do you get with 3 boys under the age of five? A VERY happy family! Kudos to Lisa and Brandon for the wonderful parenting and energy they have as their boys grow into little men! I've started with the maternity session, newborn session, 3 month portraits and finished with Logan's (littlest brother) 6 month portraits. It's amazing how fast they grow! Enjoy.