Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sister Road Trip

My sisters and I planned a last minute road trip to visit our family in Kansas. This spontaneous trip was something we have never done before. We made it with back with more love for each other and lots of laughs to share. One of the lessons I've learned was to how to operate a GPS without crossing three lanes of traffic to follow the arrow. YIKES! (Volume may have been useful) Maybe this is why my sisters had me sit in the back when we started out. I thought it was because I have the shortest legs.

Iowa at sunrise.

First stop was my cousin Todd's home. We met his wonderful daughter Allison and their family dog Charlie. Charlie loves to sniff out chewing gum. Watch your pockets!

The next stop was my cousin Jeff and his wife Denise's home. They have some beautiful animals I captured during our visit. The chickens seemed a bit shy from the camera or maybe it was me? How do you peck chicken scratch to communicate my motive? This chicken struck a pose in diffused light at the perfect moment.

This is what you see when you step out their front door. GORGEOUS!
I can smell the fresh crisp air.

Hank and Frisbee meandered over. I think they were hoping the cameras were edible.

Sorry boys, next time I'll bring sugar cubes.

This is my Uncle Danny! Watch out for his bulls eye!

My wonderful Aunt Linda and her beautiful grand-daughter.

The boots!

My cousin Jeff, his beautiful wife Denise and their four darling children.

Sibling love in a fun photo.

Shadows are always a unique extension to the subjects in a photograph. How do you like Hanks hat?

A small representation of our surroundings.

Sister Amanda

Sister Jessie

Cousin Jeff, I liked his eyes in this photo.

kissing cousins

We thank our family for having us and cannot wait to see you all again.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kraft Family

I enjoy feet of all shapes and sizes. I was thrilled when the Kraft family posed their toes. The day was windy and bright and we captured some great images inside and out. From feet to aesthetic rugs the backdrop was perfect for this ever growing family. Thank you and enjoy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Katie's Senior Session

I am feeling my age when I introduce you to Kathryn. I have known "Katie" since she was a wee preschool girl. She was a mother figure as she looked after her older siblings and I reckon that nurturing role has not changed through the years. I captured her glowing laugh throughout her session and thought I would share a couple of these great shots. Her spirit shines! Congratulations Katie! I wish you the best as you turn a new leaf upon your path.

Katie's jumping for the camera!

Axel is jumping for anything that will throw his green ball!