Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zack and Brooke were married last Friday. It was a PERFECT day. The afternoon ambient light diffused in all the right places, the breeze was cool enough to hold off the mosquitos and there was NO rain  Zack and Brooke were surrounded by family and friends as they united at Green Isle Park. Thank you for including me into your intimate day of love and joy and best wishes for a future full of dolls and the color pink to go along with your little guys obsession of ants and sticks. It will be the perfect balance to your family.

Chad and Ashley~engagement

Chad and Ashley are a wonderful couple. (I am not declaring this because we live next to each other, it's true. haha) We had fun at Bay Beach capturing their engagement session and even had their cute dogs cooperate for a few final portraits. I will say a couple of days after this session Ashley fixed my long over due hair (not) style with a good trim and my eye brows have never looked so good. Really, NEVER. Thank you and I look forward to your September wedding :) 

 Tiny and Princess were terrific when it came to their turn for a photograph.