Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carter~18 months

Carter is at the adorable age of (a bit over) 18 months. He's an intelligent little guy who can throw a baseball really well. I thank his Mom for saving my face from a bruise as I was focused on the photograph and not the direction of the ball. Multi tasking and quick reflexes are something to work on as I am behind the lens. Enjoy a look at a few (or more) photos of Carter's session. I look forward to capturing some action shots of Carter at a ball field in a few years!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jackson~6 months and growing!

Jackson's 6 month session was as flawless as a session can be. The image below is how he posed for a break in-between a change of clothes. After his short power nap he woke up ready for more. For a teething little man he was a trooper and offered a nice variety of facial expressions to capture. Thank you Jackson! I look forward to your 1 year session.

"MOM and DAD! I am hungry!"

The joy we receive from our children is...wordless.

When little ones are happy and teething they smile like this!

See you in July!