Sunday, September 25, 2011

We R Family ~ cousins

Smiles for Grandma! The cousins had their family portrait done at the N.E.W. Zoo for their wonderful Grandmother. Not only did we get some nice formal shots but the action/silly shots are just as memorable. I was very impressed with their bond as a family. Thank you to the older cousins for your help getting the little guy to smile! Enjoy the photos!

Michael Z.

Michael is a very mature young adult. I wish him the very best as he takes this honorable quality with him and travels the path of college and beyond. Thank you Michael and Mom for the afternoon of some quad fun.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nathan and Renee~engagement

Renee and Nathan are getting married SOON! We were lucky to have some great weather and meet at the NEW Zoo for their engagement session. They are a wonderful couple and compliment each other perfectly. I look forward to seeing the both of you next month!

Andrew~ 3months and growing

Andrew has changed into THE little man within 3 short months. It's unbelievable how fast he's becoming a little person. He talks, laughs, makes eye contact and is almost ready for the keys to the family car. He's growing strong with the love that surrounds him. He has a wonderful family.


ONE YEAR OLD !! Ian and Irelyn

It seems like a few months have passed since I photographed Amy's maternity session. Well it's been well over a year and WOW have things changed. Life wouldn't be the same without Ian and Irelyn in the house. I'm not thinking diapers, bottles, sippy cups or diapers again. I'm referring to the joy they bring their parents, grandparents,....etc etc, myself included. I've had a wonderful experience watching them grow and am honored as I captured their milestones every 3 months. Best wishes to Mom and Dad as Ian and Ireyln soon enter the world as toddlers. Cherish the small packages, from dandelion bouquets to the mud pies. The innocence of children is what makes us smile.

Grandpa got in on the action. Irelyn was sharing her frosting from the cake. I believe Grandpa was the only one to brave the mess. Way to go GRANDPA!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to !!!