Friday, December 21, 2012

Lucas 4 months and growing

This little guy sleeps most days.....all day. I think he's growing while he sleeps to catch up to his Daddy. We captured some photographs of him before he became too tired and needed a rest. It's hard being a baby and then asking them to model in front of a camera can be extreme in their little world. Thank you Lucas, Mom and Dad. I enjoy watching wedding couples grow into a family. You make wonderful parents. Merry Christmas!

His little face says so much with this huge expression. Priceless! 

This smile cracks me up. 

Knee high already.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sarah and Dustin ~ wedding

As the snow is currently blowing as it dumps on everything in it's path I thought I would share some images of a friends wedding that took place a few months ago during a very warm fall day. The day was gorgeous, as gorgeous as the bride. Thank you Sarah and Dustin for including me into your day. If Sarah's smile and wholesomeness was contagious the entire world would be at peace with smiles on our faces. Dustin married a wonderful person. xoxo 

Amanda, Ryan and Kelci ~ maternity

Thank you Ryan, Amanda and Kelci for the wonderful belly session we had. Kelci is going to be an amazing "BIG" sister. She is a natural born mini Mom. You make  beautiful babies and I cannot wait to soon meet the next addition to your family. Have a Merry Christmas! 

 I asked for silly faces and got a few to share. 

 Interactive photography always brings smiles.  Ryan didn't seem to mind the having a few handprints on his belly.