Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dave and Mary Lambrecht

As I introduce this blog I was searching for an inspiring quotation as a description for the love Dave and Mary share.  I have not found one that was a complete fit.  I could attempt a story to highlight the two of them but a story would not reflect what photographs capture. As a photographer it was an honor to be part of an intimate ceremony. As two beautiful people were united with their families into forever I was seizing the moment through a lens. Thank you Mary and Dave for the allowing me to capture the magic. Love to you and your family. xoxo  

Here is one of their grandchildren. She warmed up to the camera for this cute shot.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Erica and Greg~ Maternity

Greg and Erica were fabulous to work with. I photographed their wedding day (WOW! almost 2 years ago, time flys!) and was pleased to capture this session of a blissful belly. Congratulation on their soon to be new addition of a little man! I have the perfect photo that unveils his name. The suspense of this particular photo will have to wait until AFTER the baby shower, this is where baby "X" will present himself to the guests with his chosen name.