Friday, December 24, 2010

Homeless Memorial Service

Tuesday I volunteered my time during a service dedicated to the homeless whom have passed on. The service took place at St. John, the Evangelist Church, located downtown Green Bay. During the service each pair of shoes that were placed in front of the church represented the deceased homeless members of our community.

This perspective of photography is humbling. It is a human interest story with questionable awareness based on perceptions of homelessness in America. Today as we indulge in our holiday feast and anxiously unwrap our gifts please keep the less fortunate in your thoughts. Thank you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Morgan~six months

I captured Alisha and Luke's wedding the summer of 2009 and.....

........they were blessed with a beautiful daughter the following summer.

We met at the National Railroad Museum for Morgan's session. Morgan loved the glistening lights. This is one of my favorite facial expressions she was sharing.

Her hat is adorable. Why stop at one photo?

Pryce is a handsome little guy and a wonderful "big" cousin to Morgan. They are lucky to have each other.
Morgan LOVES her toes!

Morgan ended her session with a break. She did a wonderful job! She is a very content little girl full of smiles.

Thank you Alisha and family! Enjoy your Christmas with Pryce and Morgan!

Pat and Melissa ~ engagement session

Saturday morning was perfect for Melissa's wish for a snow filled session. We started at Green Isle Park for some fun outdoors shots and for a warm ending we went to Lambeau field sporting Pat and Melissa's favorite team colors. They are a fun loving couple and I am looking forward to their wedding in September. Enjoy and have a joyful holiday season!

When I asked for a "dip" pose Pat tipped the dip and they landed in the snow. The soft landing was a good laugh for all.

Melissa brought her childhood tobaggon. I haven't seen a wooden tobaggon in years, Pat did a great job pulling Melissa.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ian and Irelyn....3 months and growing!

The pleasure was mine as I captured Ian and Irelyn's 3 month portraits. It amazes me at the growth little ones go through during the first year of life. It seems as if it were a few weeks ago Ian and Irelyn were new to the world. They are becoming little people as they reach the milestones of their youth.

Ian is a sleeping genius as he gives us the "I love you!" hand gesture.
Irelyn is BeAuTiFuL !!

In this photograph one may see Irelyn in distress; I see her as an opera queen revealing beautiful harmony. Let your imagination go....

The inquisitive look.

She loves her Mom!

Ian love his Mom too! His blue eyes are gorgeous.

The resemblance between Jason and Ian's expressions are priceless.

Ian's facial expression was too cute not to share.

Soon there will be a basketball with those shoes.

They have relatives in Texas and boots to wear while they visit.

Happy holidays! Enjoy your day with the most precious gifts you've received this year,
Ian and Irelyn!