Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ALFA Bridal ~ Green Bay, WI

Today was an eventful day. I met some wonderful people, sorted through some ravishing wedding attire and was given free range of ALFA Bridal to come up with a few images.  Thank you Luke, Miranda, and Julie for the warm introduction. I cannot wait to get my hands and camera on the gorgeous gowns throughout this charmed shop. Of course I must give credit to the star model of the day, Candi. She was patient, kind, gentle and has the most beautiful jaw line. She is also the mascot for ALFA Bridal. Enjoy the images!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lucas Steven

Lucas was 6 days new during his first photo session. He was perfect! He slept while we posed him in multiple positions and he opened his eyes for some adorable shots. If I could have taken him home with me he would be on my lap as I type this blog.(His parents like him so the answer was NO.) Thank you Melissa and Patrick! It was wonderful capturing you as a joyful bride and groom and I am honored to capture this little guy as a new chapter begins. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jackson~ 1 year session

Jackson was all smiles for steering wheels and tractors. During his first year portraits we used his ginormous yard as a backdrop, which of course included tractors of all sizes. Jackson's beautiful blue eyes were a joy to capture (thanks to his Mama) while his big boy height comes from his Daddy. He is growing into a fine little man. Jackson was modeling in a stylish jean diaper for some of my favorite photos we got that day. Thank you Tracy and Mike, it has been a pleasure watching Jackson grow his first year.