Friday, June 15, 2012

A mixture of kids, football and a few of the Green Bay Packer players at a football camp make a great event for any photographer.  I had the pleasure of capturing some of the action. The many years of  being a soccer, football, baseball, softball, basketball,cheerleader Mom prepared me for the 400 kids at this camp and their talent for the game. The organization this camp presented was catered toward the community as well as the participants and their families. The multiple volunteers in our local area make camps like this a success. Thank you volunteers and local businesses. Our children are our future and with opportunities like this teaching them teamwork, determination and the power of self-esteem is priceless. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ava ~ infant session

I had the pleasure of meeting Rylan's new little sister, Ava. Thank you Rylan for being a wonderful helper during our session. And I compliment you on your big girl manners, Ava is lucky to have you as a big sister. Thank you Emily and Mark for having me capture Ava's infant session. She's beautiful!

 Ava wanted to enjoy her moment under the lights with her eyes wide open.  Her little chair did wonders for some of the sleeping portraits but her bright personality was just as wonderful to capture as she focused on the light around her. She did a spectacular job for her first portraits and I think her goal of looking precious was a success.

Guess how old Rylan is? 

Rylan was showing me her "BIG SISTER" shirt.