Sunday, November 13, 2011

Athey Family

The Athey family got together at their Grandmother's home to capture a family portrait as a surprise Christmas gift for their parents. I was assured that "Mom" would never see my blog before then. So here it goes....

I immediately fell in love with this little one's hair.

Her big sister is just as beautiful as she was helpful.

I love meeting children and capturing their spirit. Each day they are true to be themselves. The photo below says it all. It's adorable, they're adorable.

The newest addition was coddled by his two nurturing cousins. He was content until he needed a refill.

Oh my how Jack has grown.! His nose is as cute as ever. His new born session seems like yesterday while his growth shows how time escapes us. Keep growing Jack and you may pass up your Daddy someday.

Happy holidays and I hope your Mom doesn't see the sneak peek.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Brault

Congratulations to Marc and Missy! They had a wonderful day full of sunshine, love and wind. The day started out perfect and ended with a happily after. I enjoyed EVERY second as the day unfolded into a story full of love and laughs. I know that your happily ever after will be the happiest of the ever after.

Thank you for including me into your day. Your family is warm and welcoming and I truly enjoyed capturing the love you share for one another. ENJOY! xo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Ullmer

Friday October 7, 2011 Nathan and Renee were married on a picture perfect day. Mother Nature allowed a temperature in the high 70's, a crisp, colorful landscape and sunshine throughout the day. The girls started their morning out at Elements in Howard. Nathan's sister has connections at this specific salon and the accommodations for the bridal party were as smooth as the coffee.

Nate was beautifying the truck.

Nate also has the advantage of having a sister as a personal hair stylist.

I believe this little one was debating on a bottle or a pedicure.

A sweet surprise from Renee's future husband arrived at the salon!

The church was amazing.
Assumption B.V.M. Parish in Pulaski displays details from the inside out that are exquisite and unique. It was a pleasure to photograph here.

The informal relaxed time of the day was full of love from Nathan and Renee's friends and family as well as a play-off game. The Brewers won!